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Grade 3 Tamil Work Book School Textbook Tamil Medium | Download

Tamil Work Book School Textbook – Grade 3 (Tamil Medium). This book is Essential for Grade 3 students in school education. Many students are educated in schools in Sri Lanka. The number of students entering Grade 3 in schools in Sri Lanka is increasing year by year. Therefore, the Sri Lankan government a lot of money spent each year conducts the printing of new textbooks.


School Textbook | Grade 3 | Tamil Work Book | Tamil Medium 

This file containing the Tamil Work Book textbook is very important for the students studying in Grade 3 of the school. A large number of students studying in schools in Sri Lanka are educated in Tamil Medium. This textbook is very important for Grade 3 students studying Tamil Work Book.

Tamil Work Book’s School Textbook relevant to Grade 3 is updated every few years. You can get the latest updated School Textbook through this web page. By using the relevant school Textbook and teacher’s guide in using these School textbooks, parents and teachers can gain an accurate understanding of the knowledge expected from the student in relation to Grade 3 related to the subject of Tamil Work Book (2009).


Below are some benefits of this textbook

  • To be an easy educational tool for teachers to teach Grade 3 Tamil Work Book in Tamil Medium.
  • Parents can gain some understanding of their student’s Tamil Work Book subject knowledge
  • Developing knowledge of Tamil Work Book at home of students studying in schools in Sri Lanka


In compiling school textbooks, it is prepared in accordance with the school syllabus and school teacher guidelines.


Download Grade 3 Tamil Medium Tamil Work Book School Textbook in Sri Lanka – PDF Version

     Grade 3 Tamil Work Book School Textbook Download

We take no responsibility for these textbooks. Download it from the government website and post it here for your convenience.

If you have any questions or concerns about the matter above, please do not hesitate to contact me via the Contact us Page

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